2. European Women In Tech Conference Speaking Plus Coaching 3/4/2023

Virtual Workshop

Instructed by Sarah Palmer and Ralf Wolter

Course Description

You’ll Learn How To...

- Identify the three essentials of presentation skills
- Understand the importance of a main message, action step, and anecdotal vs. analytical evidence
- Learn how to address a “mixed” audience with varying levels of expertise
- Learn how to effectively use stories, analogies, and examples to strengthen an argument and influence the audience
- Understand how to anticipate and respond to questions
- Identify which strategies to use to increase audience engagement in virtual presentations
- Learn how to project personal confidence and credibility through effective delivery style

The Workshop Includes...
- A clear, systematic presentation framework
- Intensive, interactive practice sessions
- 1:1 coaching sessions using practice videos
- Supportive templates, handouts, and reference material

About the Instructors

Profile Picture
Sarah Palmer
Profile Picture
Ralf Wolter
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